Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sewing Course Graduation

Presenting DHF's 1st graduating class of the 1st Sewing Modulo: Women's Clothes, held in conjunction with the local Cajamarcan training institute CETPRO

We arrived at the finale of our sewing modulo. The one that started back in April. Remember those posts? Women that hadn't sewed in a long time, women that wanted to improve their sewing business, women that wanted to learn how to make their own clothes, etc...

That group of 11 women finished their coursework this month and yesterday was our graduation ceremony. We held the ceremony in the 3rd floor auditorium above the House Hope classrooms. The students were there, some accompanied by family members (and screaming kids), other loan recipients (and future sewers!) and we had a table of special invited guests, for example our angel nuns who provided the sewing space, Oswaldo representing Multicredit and CETPRO representatives.

The ceremony consisted of lots of speeches in recognition of all who made this course possible, especially our beloved teacher Sonia who taught with such passion and patience. Vilma, one of our star students, also spoke on behalf of her fellow students, giving thanks and reassuring the crowd that the group will take advantage of their new knowledge and use it in their daily lives and businesses, "because not everyone has this opportunity and we are very grateful." Prizes were given out to the students with best attendance and we enjoyed cake and tea afterwards.

But, really, the best part of the ceremony was our 'Runway Model Showcase.' Yes, we had all our students model their skirt, blouse and suitcoat for the crowd. I turned on the the music. The women were announced by name. And, one by one, they modeled their work. Their beauty. It was fabulous!

The women didn't want the celebration to end, so their was the famous Peruvian broasted chicken and french fry meal afterwards.

It was so rewarding for me to see the pride and happiness that each of our students radiated yesterday. It is confirmation that DiscoverHope instills Hope and Opportunity in the lives of humble women. And the good news continues: the 2nd Modulo Sewing course is starting next week (no vacation for sewers!) and we will have even more sewers taking advantage of yet another Opportunity of learning.

Congratulations to all our Sewing Graduates!

Paz ~ Nora

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