Monday, August 9, 2010

Amy & Blake - THANK YOU!

So I came to my office this morning all alone. Only to hear the sound of my own thoughts. Blake has left town, Amy leaving today. They have been so generous with their thoughts and words and I just need to set the record straight - DHF owes them a great big THANK YOU. They came to this country with open minds and hearts to help DHF in any and all ways possible. They did just that. Blake created a computer curriculum from scratch and designed a new website for our local partner. Amy took over Hope House during my vacation and did all kinds of (sometimes unglorified) work tasks to make this place run. She worked tirelessly on evaluation and monitoring tools for literacy, monthly reporting and and big picture programming.

They will be missed....but continued to be appreciated. You have left a little footprint here and are now part of the DHF family. Thanks again!

Pictured above, eatin' ice cream in the mountain top outside of Cajabamba. Nothing says the Andes like a guy in a bike selling ice cream. Blake tried it, Amy and I stayed away.

Paz ~ Nora

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