Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"At first I was scared"

That's what Ingrid from the village bank Mujeres Luchadoras told me, "At first I was scared, I felt all alone. But then as I went walking more into the forest I realized I was surrounded by a lot of beautiful things. There was a river, birds, lots of flowers and trees. I realized I wasn't alone and I felt at peace."

During our 2nd leadership workshop yesterday, our final activity was a 'silent, internal trip' to the place where our internal voice is born. The place deep inside ourselves where we affirm our goodness and strength. All the women closed their eyes, I put on soft music and I lead the women to the spring of their internal voice. When we were done the women drew on pieces of paper memories of their trip. It was interesting to hear their comments, especially Ingrid's. She didn't like the idea of being alone, but once she realized she was in a safe place with herself she felt peace.

Paz ~ Nora

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