Friday, August 6, 2010

Thanks Nora!

To thank Nora for all she has done for us this summer, Blake and I decided our final blog entry should be about her.


We feel very fortunate to have gotten to spend the summer with Nora. She is a great supervisor and a great friend. We thought we'd share with you a few examples of why working with her was so special:

(1) She is thoughtful. When we came to intern with DHF in Peru, Nora made sure to ask us what we wanted to get out of the internship so it would be a valuable experience for us.

Nora helps our knitting teacher Nelly separate yarn.

(2) She is funny. She can walk into any classroom and make the whole class laugh, which reflects not only her mastery of Spanish but also her admirable ease of communication with the women.

Nora hams it up at a BBQ.

(3) She is a great listener. Whenever women come into the office, she listens attentively to their entire story no matter how much other work she has to do at the time.

Nora listens to Palmira share some neighborhood gossip.

(4) She is compassionate toward the women, yet also has a sense of discipline. She explains to women why it is important to come to class on time and asks them to pay small fine if they come over half an hour late. She enforces her policies consistently but kindly. Women have learned to take her at her word.

Nora explains to the women why it is important to come to class on time.

(5) She is patient. Whether repeating herself to a woman who just doesn't get it, or agreeing to have a lengthy two hour meeting with a teacher to help her prepare for class, she always maintains her calm composure.

Our knitting teacher Nelly shows Nora a model for a little girl's dress she would like to teach the women next month.

(6) Although there are many things that are difficult about managing a small NGO in Peru (some of which I listed in my previous blog entry), Nora never lets it get her down. Whether she is sick or without electricity in her home, she comes to work with a smile and always appreciates the positive aspects of her job.

It has been a pleasure to work with Nora this summer, and we hope everyone in the U.S. recognizes what a talented and inspiring program manager they have representing DHF in Cajamarca!

Blake, Nora and Amy on our last day.

We'll miss you Nora! Thanks for everything!

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