Friday, March 12, 2010

plane hopping home

Maggie is back in the good ol’ USA and truly inspired by the journey in Peru . We’ve founded solid partnerships in our work that are established on value systems of integrity that serve the women and their desires. I am so grateful to Nora and the team in Peru for what they do to make this work actualize on the ground…and equally thankful to the team of people in supporters in the USA that give this work a lifeline of pulse and energy.

I had a wonderful last day in Peru taking the early morning flight out of Cajamarca to Lima . Watching the lit up tips of ice-capped mountains in Huaraz peeking above the clouds reflecting with the sun is absolutely celestial. Into the hustle and bustle of the 12 million folks in Lima , the capitol of Peru …I found my way to the apartment of good friend and amazing advisor Mahlon Barash, who worked with CHF International in a microcredit housing project in Cajamarca for several years and for me, is a microfinance guru who asks amazing questions. Over lunch, had the good fortune of meeting with the FINCA Peru Executive Director, Iris Lanao Flores who runs a microcredit portfolio of nearly $3 million with Peruvian women in South Peru and Lima . I felt incredibly blessed to be sitting with two amazing people like Mahlon and Iris and sharing feedback about how Microcredit Plus programs function in the field. We collectively agreed to visit and learn from one another at our sites. A peaceful day of sharing before the all night red eye flight home to Texas !

Back in the energy on the US side, I wanted to remind any of you TX present folks to us for a special evening to cultivate the entrepreneurial passions of women in poverty as we seek to fund 300 classes at the HopeHouse, our women's development center where women walk through the doors into their own power. Come enjoy complementary food and drinks, music, and plenty of parking for all. We'll be creating magic in the green of the Spring! Please visit our Eventbrite link here to get free tickets and information about the event: or visit

What can I say except you all give me the strength to open my heart every day.

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