Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back and Forth

Back and Forth.
Diving In.
It is always so good to have Maggie come down to Cajamarca, she brings loads of positive energy and pushes me to brainstorm, think big and make adjustments or changes in the programming part of what I do. As you all know, we have been meeting up with our new village banking partners throughout this week and have started to brainstorm, discuss, break-down our methodology, best practices, and yearly work plan. It has been all interactive and energizing, catching me offguard as I feel a bit like we aren´t in Peru. I am use to dry, unproductive meetings in this country (although I know unproductive meetings happen in other countries, too!) Our new partners, Multicredit, are very professional and dedicated to doing genuine, good work. You can feel it in their ideas and energy. This week has been a re-charge battery pack for village banking for me. I love it!

I am waiting for the afternoon to start, in only a half hour the Hope House doors will open it's doors to welcome old faces and new loan recipients to our first activity of the year - Buy Day. The excitement is hanging in the air as DHF will purchase women's goods to bring back to Austin, TX. Next week classes start, so these next few hours will act as a type of inauguration of our bright, new learning space.

Gotta go put up the last minute signs....
Paz ~ Nora

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