Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business Charla

We are trying a different approach to business classes this year - businesses charlas, or chats. Before some of our more popular classes at the Hope House we want to give business advice to the minds and bodies of the women that come to classes. They are already here in the Hope House and an extra 15-20 minutes before classes to get business advice takes away very little class time. Plus, it gets our women thinking 'business' while they are working on their scarf, jewelry piece, etc... Oswaldo, our business advisor, talked about business plans with the 10 women that came to class this afternoon. He did a great job of speaking to their business level and relating to them. The women were quiet during the charla time, but after Oswaldo left I heard the aftermath..."It is really important to seperate our capital business money from personal money, that is why we don't make money. I use to have a name for my business, but didn't think it was important. It is important to think about price of our products, otherwise we don't make money....." and on and on. Oswaldo gave the women some business homework and they started on their scarf projects. It was interesting that throughout the afternoon the women kept coming back to the business themes. That means the ideas are ringing in their ears.

The next business charla will be next week where Oswaldo will repeat the same business themes with a different group of women.

Paz ~ Nora

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