Friday, March 19, 2010

in love with hope.

I am in love with Hope.

Today, as many days, I began the day being Grateful for having so many amazing people around the energy of DiscoverHope. As we prepare for the
Spring Into Hope event next week, it struck me again that the energy of good things and how they show up in the world is beautifully Guided. At least that is how I see it, at the helm of DiscoverHope with a view on all the amazing beautiful acts of love that uplift this organization. I simply feel ultra amazed that I get to experience all the intertwined personalities, intelligence, joy, Hope in so many people.

On the outside of an organization, you just witness things as they happen in their completed form…but they happen thanks to the interworkings of effort, time, and giving. Today I’d like the share just a small list of ways our work “gets done”…and let you witness the layers of who we ARE. The heartbeat of DHF is in every one of you.

o Program Team in the field in Peru, makes our work happen
o Event Team plans event details down the the nitty gritty
o Business Corporate Team connects for in-kind donations, goods, relationships
o Revenue Development Team driving our relationships with all donors
o Marketing Team drives messaging on everything
o PR/Media team prepares for our Microcredit Martes informational sessions
o Speaker Leader Team books us gigs to share our work with public audiences
o Microcredit Toolkit Team compiles research on all aspects of how to build this development model for public sharing
o Individual Lending Team finds folks who want to give larger micro-loans to DHF to loan in the field
o Board of Directors drives me and the organization with so much commitment
o Donors give us energy, life, and hope to keep on doing what we do
o The women we serve…are examples of courage for everyone

Be in love with the Hope around you today.