Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet End Note

This busy week ended on a sweet note. On Thursday and Friday DHF held a bakery classes where 20 women learned how to make 4 different cakes and pies. Everyone agreed that the best part of class was the end when we got to try all 4 cakes and pies. I was really overwhelmed by the interest in this class and really all the classes we have offered so far this year. We had to turn away 10 other women that wanted to join us during class. *Note: Don't despair, another cake and pie class will be offered next month. But this phenomenon of women turning out in high numbers for classes has happened with every class that we have offered this year. For this coming week I have organized a T-shirt stamping class. FULL. I have to start a waiting list already for the next T-shirt stamping class for next month. The good news out of all of this is that we have the space to accomodate the interest. Now, I just have to fill the space.

Paz ~ Nora

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