Monday, March 16, 2009

Literacy Launch

I have been in the comfort of my computer screen the past two days, preparing an endless list of things for this week. Last week I spent no time in the comfort of my computer. On Friday and Saturday I went out to visit two different literacy groups. The groups are both in the countryside, at least a half an hour walk from the highway, all mud, and in our case last week, all rain. The two groups that have started literacy classes again are the same two groups that finished with the Ministry of Education last year. They have requested more classes; to review, learn more words, practice making correct change for their purchases (math), learn how to write letters and official documents. Things that will help them in their everyday life; life literacy is what we are doing. Since we aren't working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Education this year (which in part has it's benefits, like not chasing the Yes Man who always says Yes, but never does anything) our literacy teachers have creatively invented a pre-post test to administer to the groups. We are planning to measure their learning successes through these tests, the first which was just given this weekend. Take a look:

Paz ~ Nora

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