Friday, March 27, 2009

The Sewing Singer in Action

Our sewing machines were in full force this week. Those of you that are faithful followers read about the whole Sewing Singer purchase fiasco last week. This week all that walking and work paid off in 3 hours of intense artesian bag class. We had 21 women join us in the Hope House to make artesian bags out of local colored woven yarn. Our patient teacher Socorro didn't lose her cool when one of our Singers started to sew backwards. She sat down, with the crowd gathered round, while she fixed the problem. Never a dull moment. It took a littler longer than planned to finish all 21 bags, but they did it. I certainly wasn't any help in that area. Today the same women will come back to put flower designs on their bags. Those of you in Austin, TX will be able to see the fruits of our class labor when we hold another BUY day in April and send the goods to DiscoverHope home base in May.
These past two weeks we have started to offer childcare during our classes. Many of the loan recipients have brought their children to class because they don't have anywhere or anybody that/who can watch their kids. But, when the kids come to class the women often can't concentrate or pay full attention to their own learning. Kids want to learn too and they want as much attention as they can get. Since we have a beautiful patio, filled with plants, toys and roaming cats... the kiddos now have their own place to be.

Paz ~ Nora

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