Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Skirts and Shirts come to an end

Our sewing class ended today. The women that came today were putting the last touches on their skirts. It turned out that the women had enough material to make more than a mini-skirt, but some women reassured me that they were still planning on making a mini skirt in the future. Gloria is here modeling her new skirt - notice her skirt passes the knees.

The general feedback from the women was that they loved the class (but then again I have yet to hear back from women that they don't love the classes we hold). Women talked about making more skirts and shirts for their family members - but also use this new skill as another business opportunity. A skill that pays. The women continued to tell me they need more practice, practice, practice so that they can become really good sewers. This month there will be more opportunity to practice as we've decided to offer a Pants class. From the planning side I know we have definitely learned some things through this class. In the future we will stray away from a month long class as we tend to lose participants that have a hard time with the time commitment. More sewing machines and less screaming kids are also in the future sewing class agenda.

This week is special for DHF - we have a fabulous volunteer working with us here in the field. Laura arrived yesterday and has already visited 4 different groups. Nothing like throwing her into the fire. She has been such a great trooper; very open and talkative with the women and a huge heart that shows she is interested in getting some good feedback for Discover Hope to use in the future. Hope to have some of her thoughts in the next posting.....

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