Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Literacy day Celebration

We had a lovely celebration for Literacy Day this Monday. We have three village banks that are finishing their 6 month literacy classes next month and it only seemed fitting to celebrate Literacy Day on Sept. 8. I thought it was either going to be chaos in the 'campo' (countryside) or a smashing success. It was a little bit of both, but mostly a smashing success. The morning before, on Sunday, a group of 6 of us from 2 different groups went to the market to buy all the necessities to cook for almost 50 people. The women put the heavy potato bag over their shoulder with ease and were so happy and filled with energy to shop for the event.

On Monday morning I met one of the groups and we walked together to the other's groups house. Little did I know they were long lost cousins (or some other related relative), so everyone got along splendidly. They cooked the chicken, potatoes, rice (and everything else that we ate) in a smokey kitchen filled with more clay pots than I have seen in my whole life.

Laura and some Afider staff joined us for the good eats and celebration. They really put together an amazing lunch - a three course meal - more than enough for one person. We ate like queens and then started with certificates and prizes before some of the women had to go home to milk cows. After the literacy recognition part of the afternoon we played some fun games: musical chairs, balloon partner walk and the hacky sac run. The women were laughing and smiling from ear to ear. It was so fun to be able to celebrate with them and give them a break from all their hard work during classes. It was a moment of bliss to share the afternoon with them.

For Laura it was her 2nd to last event with the women. I know they loved having another gringa around, someone else who cares and is interested in their well being. Although she was only here for a short time, she will be missed.

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