Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bakery chaos

We are just rockin' out with classes this month. The women ask and they receive. There has been a number of request to learn how to make cakes (finely decorated cakes for Birthdays and other celebrations). Well I found just the right teacher who is patient and explains instructions with such detail, that almost anyone could learn the cake process with her. We are holding a 3 day class this week and yesterday was the first day. Women learned how to make the flowers and petal designs that go on top of the cake when we finish it on Thursday. We had a great crowd - 16 women from various village banks. I recently started this new process where women have to register and pay for class a day ahead of time (novel idea!) and if they don't they register ahead of time they pay more the day of class. Well, some of the women didn't like this new change. I stand strong in stating that if you want to invest in yourself and your business you need to organize your time and money (ahead of time). Like any new concept, there will be some bumps along the way. I hope these bumps serve as good learning opportunities and can encourage healthy business habits too.

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