Friday, September 19, 2008

endless designs...and opportunities

We finished our Bakery/Cake decorating class yesterday with happy stomachs. The women got to try their cake when our class finished and there were lots of happy faces. The students in this class were one of the best groups we have had for classes. They (mostly all) came on time, were present at all of the classes and asked a lot of questions and really got into the cake making process. I think that is a reflection of their intense interest, but also having a great - and strict - teacher. Our teacher, Luisa, gave them little bakery and decorating secrets and a basic guideline about using their bakery skills as a business. The feedback was unanimous - the women want more! The majority of women want to use what they have learned in the form of a business. I give them so much credit. To be an entrepreneur is not easy. Could I start a bakery business from scratch? Probably not.

This is really Discover Hope coming alive - creating opportunities that women use to create more income. The true test will be in a month or two to see if the students have used what they have learned. Everyone wants more practice. Luisa said, "practice with your family members, save money and make your own cake for events at home and the word will pass that you make cakes and you can start small with your bakery business."

I actually arrived late to bakery class yesterday because I was out in the countryside with one of our literacy groups that is preparing for their literacy exam next month. We were all sitting in the grass, knitting, chatting, waiting for the literacy teacher. Andrea just casually says, "you know now I can write my own receipts for the milk I sell. Before this class I never even picked up a pencil and I would have to ask my kids to write the receipts. But, now I can do it myself!"

I love it - DHF creates hope and the women in return fill me with hope.

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