Thursday, April 17, 2008

Way to work

I realize that I have only been writing about women, women, women. Really that is my world here, but there are some other images that you should also witness if you are picturing Nora working in Peru. When I walk about 10 minutes to my office I often pass by these images. There is a famous morning drink made with Aloe and Noni (no idea what that is). It is said to cure any aliment for any organ you might have a problem with it. I haven't tried it, but I hear it is slimy. I am tempted every morning. I also pass by these gentlemen in their 3 wheel bikes. I never see them working, but I am sure at some point they use the bikes for something. Jealousy. I sometimes wish I had a day like them where I wasn't in a hurry to go from here to there. But, on the other hand, they sit on this busy street corner inhaling awful grey smoke with all kinds of loud, crazy noises...not so relaxing. I'll stick to my women.

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