Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can't stop...

The women in the banks have got me running here and there and I just can't stop. This week was just filled with stuff. Where to begin? I had to stop by some groups to follow up on activities that they want to do, which in and of itself is a lot of work - our village banks are so spread out. Thankfully I had to visit groups in Los Banos, where there are thermal baths and I could finally shower! (I have been without a hot shower for more than a week)
I also visited one of our newer banks, Triunfo. They initially told me that they were interested in literacy classes, but then changed their minds - no time. Well we chatted again and this time they said, if we can learn handicrafts during our literacy classes, then we want literacy class. So I brought Nelly out to meet the group, and they were delighted. Nelly brought some examples of her crochet projects and that is all it took. They are starting with 1 hr. of literacy class and 1 hr. of handicraft class next week on Wed. They are going to learn how to make ponchos first.
We had our 3rd jewelry workshop. 26 women in one patio. Pictured here is the smaller table, and it was lovely until it started to rain. The women learned how to make necklaces and earrings without the tools we have been using. It was great and chaotic. More women showed up than expected, so we were running a little thin on materials. But, no complaints. They are getting creative and I decide to host an open jewelry workshop on Friday so that women can come and use the materials leftover from previous workshops.
But the activities don't stop there....We also finished up our health talks this week - women will continue to go to their visits (dental, pap and psychologist) next week. Vanessa, my co-worker, who is also a vet, gave a "how to protect your animals from disease" talk to one our banks. It was great, I didn't know that if your hen sneezes it is a sign that they are getting sick. I definitely feel like there is lots of great stuff happening with our banks, I just need to rest so that I can be prepared for the women next week.

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