Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sewing with Ribbon

This month we started more workshops (besides jewelry). Jewelry is still a hit, and we will do another one next month, but there have been requests from women to learn other things. Aida, a women in one of the banks, makes precious, beautiful things with ribbon. So we contracted her to teach other women how to "sew with ribbon." It sounds kinda corny, I know, but if you look closely at the bag Aida is sewing it looks fabulous when all is said and done. The first workshop was so successful that we decided to hold two workshops next month - one in the city and one in the country. Aida is a patient teacher and I was so impressed as she went around and individually helped each women start their first ribbon project. In the first picture above I made all the women look at the camera, and when I said "cheese" in English everyone started laughing. Who knew my job was part comedian?

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