Monday, May 16, 2011

Introducing the Hope House Wellness Series

Saturday we commenced a new initiative at the Hope House geared towards improving our loan recipients’ self-esteem and overall mental health. We are calling it the Hope House Wellness Series, in which women will have access to group classes that will tackle problems impeding their personal growth and relationships. Subjects are based on what the women request and include: improving self-esteem, depression, anger management, raising adolescent children, improving interpersonal communication, and child discipline.
So on Saturday afternoon, Psychologist Roger Human and Jenny Munoz, elaborated a beautiful presentation on defining self-esteem and the origins of both high and low self-esteem. Twelve loan recipients from village banks located within the city of Cajamarca attended. What impressed me the most was that three participants invited their daughters to attend the talk because they felt it was such an important topic. Roger and Jenny are hard at work finalizing their work plan and budget to make this Wellness Series a reality. Our goal is to eventually offer interested women an opportunity to attend private counseling sessions with a psychologist so they can begin to find solutions to problems that impede their ability to be better individuals, mothers, spouses, friends, daughters, and business women. Thanks to your donor support and contributions, our educational trainings now encompass mental health- a topic that often goes unaddressed in Peru. Next Saturday our village banks from the countryside will be receiving the same talk on self-esteem. I’m looking forward to seeing the turnout. I’ll keep you posted.

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