Monday, May 2, 2011

The Hardest Working Team in Cajamarca

Ahidee providing biz advice to loan recipient
Teresita of VB Azucenas
 Hello DHF Family,

First things first…I AM alive and running a hundred miles per hour. I’ve disappeared for the past three weeks in order to give Maggie ample space to share her “Adventures in Hope and Chocolate” entries with you. This was a blessing since I’d been hard at work revamping our educational training methodology and heading strategic planning meetings with our counterpart, Multicredit. Today’s blog entry is accurately titled. Yesterday the world celebrated International Worker’s Day, which is a big deal in Peru. In true Peruvian fashion, however, I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM ready to work only to find out (after the fact) that today, May 2nd, was declared a national holiday. So on our day off, our project coordinator, Ahidee, and our village bank promoter, Bertha, decided to join me and put in a full day’s work at the office. I’d like to take full credit for organizing the 46 educational trainings in March and the 27 classes completed in April, but it would be a deception.

Bertha, our village bank promoter (first right), and I congratulating our Computer Basic Class on completing their module.
Bertha and Ahidee are my colleagues, personal therapists, cheerleaders, problem solvers,multitasking Hope House helpers, and so much more.  I’d like to dedicate International Workers’ Day to them and all of the hardworking public servants, who regardless of pay, give 110 percent because they absolutely love their jobs and enjoy making a difference in the lives of others.

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