Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflections of A DHF Intern

As I write this entry, I reflect back on my time at Discover Hope, and all of the wonderful memories, stories and experience I feel privileged to take home with me to Madison, WI. Throughout my last three months at Discover Hope, I have not only learned non-profit organizations in developing countries, but I have been able to work with the women in the local banks on a variety of tasks. I have attended local village bank meetings, observed data collection meetings on the socio-economic status of women to see if they are eligible for a loan, created and facilitated Business-Oriented English classes, worked with the child care provider in offering child development knowledge, parent communication and child management techniques, attended dozens of Hope House trainings/classes with local women on jewelry, knitting, and cooking, and participated in meetings where women receive their loan and pay back their loan. It truly has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I know when I enter the workforce as a social worker upon my arrival into the States, I will be more culturally competent and socially aware as a professional. I have Discover Hope, Desiree, the many local women and my host family to thank!

I think back to all of the incredible women and children I have met at Discover Hope. I feel very fortunate I have had this inspiring internship to enter into the lives of families, offering support, guidance and a set of ears. As I walk away and enter into a new chapter of my life as a professional social worker, I will remember the knowledge, patience and teaching that Desiree offered me throughout these past three months. I will always admire her determination and dedication in offering these women a different, better life full of opportunity.

From the first day I arrived into Cajamarca, I have been treated like a daughter. With the help of Desiree, I have been living with the most wonderful family I could ask for. My Peruvian family has been an amazing resource and stable home for me during my last three months and I will miss them dearly and always be appreciative for their kindness and generosity. I couldn't have asked for a better family to live with during my time in Cajamarca. Their altruism and constant devotion to me still amazes me every day. I will forever remember in my heart this experience and treasure it always, wherever life takes me.


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