Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle BaBY.

Hey beautiful folks.
I have 5 mins to write this...and leaving for the outer jungle country tomorrow at 6am.

6 hours thru the night. 4 hours wait, 6 hours thru the afternoon.

We made it. I know how amazing Spirit is. The ride was one of the craziest of my life, and most beautiful. My bus seat was in the front of a two story bus, 12 feet in the air with a 2 foot window, to SEE the entire journey. During the day...electric green hues like your eyes have never seen. Riding into the clouds. Jungle rains falling. Rocks sliding onto the road (sometimes blocking up to 24 hours...if big enough). We slid around deep mountain curves, missing cars, buses, animals, people, rocks...and well...I am glad to just sleep tonight and know I am safe.

No connection for several days as far as I can tell as we will be sleeping out in the country of the jungle. Just wanted to bring you to this small corner of the world, where the jungle road ends and beautiful people shine.

You are all with me...more than you know.
Love beyond words,

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