Monday, April 4, 2011

The Diary of a Journey

April 4th into early am 5th. Sitting in the Lima airport…12.5 hours into the trek. I am in the in-between world of an all-night adventure—my 5:30am flight awaits to take me in the Northern Andes. Seeing the sun rise with the new day’s light over the corridor of icy caps that rise above the cloud line…well, this is indeed a beautiful treat of the first morning flight into the mountains. But first, 4 hours to go…and maybe a one-eye open doze off with my bags wrapped into my arms. Life’s journey is so special. All day I watched incredible people coming and going on their unique paths. I feel so blessed to be an observer of so many unique intersections of life. The awesome part is that we each get the very same gift! Here I am---there you are---here we are. Somewhere in here we get to share a union together. I am constantly changed by this, lifted, built, it’s as if I imagine tiny bursts of light being added into all that I AM—and as we get the chance to observe and gift—we gift the very same way. I brushed shoulders with Leann Rimes…who was moving through the Houston airport to eventually sing the National Anthem at the NCAA Basketball championship game…and to know that you may have seen her on this evening, wherever you were in the Universe, and that she also had a piece of me by virtue of the gift of passing by and getting a brush of Love. Well, it just confirms for me the connectedness we have. On the plane ride from Houston to Lima I sat next to Hal and Dot, two extraordinary people, nearly 80 years old and traveling to Macchu Picchu to stand in the energy and spirit that engulfs those magical rocks that sit atop a green vista of the world. Hal, once a structural engineer and Dot, once an RN, raised 4 children together and their thirst for experiencing life inspired all of the 6 hour flight for me. 57 years of marriage later I asked them the secret of successful love…they peppered our time together with stories of joy and pride and humor and disagreement and well, quite frankly, a love for one another that you could feel in the very comfort of their inhale and exhale side by side, their conversations a rhythm. Hal joked about the geriatric woman who hit on him at Trader Joe’s and that the secret to being picked up was some sweet spare ribs in your cart. They spoke of the most important times of their years of memories—time with family—this was their golden gem. They told me their last name was Efron and I may know their grandson Zach (hello, hot Hollywood High School Musical now grown up babe?!). We talked lovingly about stardom and its perks, but the tough trade off of just being able to BE. Bottom line, they were such special, intelligent, and grounded people. They reminded me of the spark that we are—that we can literally see and witness in every person and ourselves. What if we knew this to be true all the time? I AM A SPARK! What if we saw every person and every situation as worthy of getting a part of that from us with loving intention. What if we KNEW that was possible for us to get back also. Every time you give this…through feelings, actions, words…you just add more to what’s around you. YOUR FEELINGS REFLECT WHAT YOU ARE GIVING. Enjoy the extraordinary power you have today, Resting with You. Mags


Kim H2 said...

I'm going to make this blog a part of my morning ritual. Safe journey Maggie! Love and Light, kh2

Conni said...

Hey Mags. Sounds like you are off to a great start! Sending love your way.

zawacki512 said...

Wow Mags! Could this be more amazing! You are an inspiration of what light can look like if we open our hearts.