Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drops of Inspiration

Under wet and rainy skies, I am inspired by so many things:

Desiree our Program Manager represents DiscoverHope as an active, moving, and kind force.

Every village bank we visit in the field gets a “kiss in” and “kiss out”, that is, every woman connects with us to welcome in Gratitude and again to send off with care. Feeling is creation and quite simply, I am lifted by their feeling. Can you imagine that something so simple as being grateful can completely change your life?

Sharing is paramount…no matter what little resources people have, they greet with something that is a symbol of them: fried dough, hot chocolate, boiled potatoes in cheese sauce, laying a blanket across a dusty bench to sit on. Kindness grows out of everything.

Opportunity creates pride, listening to stories of women and watching the flicker of light come into their eyes is one of the best gifts I’ve personally received from this life work. There is power in a woman who moved from a depressed, debilitated, and beaten person to an animated teacher of crochet for countless numbers of women. In the greenest field so physically far from the coolest city in the world (Austin!), I was talking to a woman sitting on a dirt floor who had never touched a computer a year ago and knew nothing of the “internet” she asked me to “Friend” her on Facebook. In my own mental quiet, I know that every difficult moment and every doubt I’ve had sitting in my office staring at pictures of these beautiful women is translated into someone having a magical journey.

And without a doubt, every one of you who makes this possible by being connected, you are in every awesome drop of rain.

When we love, we are using the greatest power in the Universe.

And I gotta say, Love and I have a thing going on…


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Conni said...

So fun to see your smiling face amidst all of the beauty there!