Thursday, March 3, 2011

Springing Into Action with Educational Classes

The month of February came and went….fast. I’m proud to say that with the financial support of our DHF donors, we organized 38 classes ranging the gamut from how to make a pizza from start to finish to stylish haircuts, export jewelry models, and literacy classes. To run the numbers we organized:  01 health session , 01 animal husbandry talk, 02 jewelry classes, 02 cosmetology classes, 02 culinary classes, 04 literacy classes, 07 Computer Basics classes, 06 Microsoft Excel classes, and 13 crochet classes. We also organized our first Buy Day of 2011 in which our Hope House women took home a total $287.32 in profits.  

What rings home most of all is our women’s response when we ask them how they feel after leaving a class. I’ll give you a few examples. Angelica Huangal of Village Bank Mujeres Emprendedoras said she felt “more beautiful, professional, and ready to do her best.” After speaking to Magdalena Chatilan of Progresistas after finishing her baby jacket, “I feel proud. At first I didn’t think I would be able to crochet such a beautiful coat but I did my best and finished. I already have a buyer and have three orders.” Such comments make the work we do worthwhile and so important.

So what’s to come in the month of March…a programmed 50 development classes. Our women will be learning how to make new desserts, fashion-forward jewelry sets, manicures and formal hairstyles as well as scarves, coats, and ponchos. Beginning March 18th we’ll commence our literacy classes in the Hope House. As you can see, we’ve started the year off right and with your support we plan to continue at the same pace.

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