Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creating Communication and Connection

Greetings DHF family, this is Nora (previous Peru Field Program Manager) signing in briefly to spread the joy of the fruits of DHF labor.
No, I haven't returned to Peru.
Yes, I have received emails from our loan recipients in Cajamarca.

As Desiree shared in a previous post, women started computer classes again this year. I was connected on the "other side" of the computer classes this time around. Let me explain. I opened up my email a couple of weeks ago and I received a couple of emails from our loan recipients in Cajamarca. One of them read the following:

Hello Miss Nora, I hope that all is well with your health. I am writing to tell you that I am learning so much this year, I am in computer class (learning excel) and when I learn more I want to find a job, since I will be prepared, even though the classes are hard I know I can do it. Thank you to you, Miss Desiree and the teacher who teaches me with some much patience.

Needless to say, I was beaming from ear to ear to read this. This is testimony that a woman from the countryside who has three small children and sells guinea pigs to create a small income for her family that lives in an adobe house without a front door, can communicate and connect to people (well, me!) outside of her community and outside of her country. I can only think, praise be to DHF to give her and so many other women these opportunities. It is changing her world. I remember when I met Esther last year and she was unsure about being part of a village bank since she was pregnant and her street food business wasn't flourishing. Now, a year later she has a new business and a beautiful baby, is making jewelry and selling it, learning crochet for the first time, and learning basic computer programs. All made possible through DHF.

I am anxiously waiting another email. One that talks about her new typing job.

Paz and Praise ~ Nora

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