Monday, January 31, 2011

Computer Madness!

As we speak I am sighing with relief. Today we began our first computer module of the year with our top notch teacher, Berta Quispe. We’ve decided to begin with two different classes. A Beginner’s Course for women who have never touched a computer in their life and an Excel class for our more advanced students. The Beginner’s class meets twice a week, Monday and Friday, and the other meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. So in preparation for our first class of the year, I showed up early this morning, anxious to make sure the classroom was nice and tidy and ready for the women this afternoon.  When I opened the door I found the maintenance man disassembling the computer stations. I just about had a heart attack when I said to myself, “Des, this is Peru! Of course something like this would happen on the day I schedule a computer class.” After a quick chat with the maintenance man, he promised he could rewire the computer cables and make the necessary adjustments by 3:00 PM, just in time for class. Well it was 3:30PM when he finished but at least the show could still go on. Five women arrived ready to work. Today they learned how to turn the computer on and off and played a game that taught them how to manipulate the mouse. It was a really good day for them. They left inspired and anxious to come back on Wednesday for more computer fun. What a day! I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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