Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet Charro!

As I begin programming Hope House activities for the end of January and the month of February, it's very apparent that I am going to have to find new teachers to cover new topics that our women have requested. I have to admit that the thought stresses me out, but I know that after three years of spreading DHF love, we have plenty of references to lead us in the right direction.
Last Friday Ahidee, our project coordinator, insisted that I meet this incredible women living just a mere three blocks from the office that would be a great potential teacher, loan recipient, motivational speaker, etc. So after all this talk I had to meet her. On Monday afternoon, I made the five minute walk to her house and I came into the presence of greatness. Rosario (or Charro) is a 43 year old mother of four who has been President of her Vaso de Leche for over 16 years. A  Vaso de Leche  is a women’s organization consisting of economically disadvantaged mother’s that receive milk and other nutritional supplements for their children. Charro has this wonderful energy about her and loves organizing and empowering women to strive do better. Despite her countless hours of organizing activities in her neighborhood, she has ever received any financial compensation. So when I spoke with her about the project and the classes we offer at the Hope House, her face lit up and she immediately started listing names of women who would love to join our family. This Thursday, Ahidee, Jheny and I are going to hold an informational session with more than 2o women and potentially form two new village banks in the coming weeks. I am excited to meet these women and see how we as an institution  we can potentially serve them.
Did I also mention that Charro is also an awesome knitter and can crochet like no one I’ve ever seen before? She was so excited to have visitors that she decided to whip out all of her products she’s been creating for the past few months. Take a look at the picture and enjoy the view.
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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