Monday, January 12, 2009

You put your left foot in, your put your right foot out

This is the feeling right now. One foot in, the other out. One foot in Austin, one foot in Peru. I am writing to you live from DHF headquarters in Austin, TX. This is my first time here meeting the Discover Hope family in TX, and what a big and loving family it is. But, I am on my way back to the DHF family in Cajamarca in only a few short days.

It has been so wonderful for me to be here in this place before beginning the 2nd year journey of field work in Cajamarca. I can put some puzzle pieces together about what and who Discover Hope is on a side of the organization that was only a mystery to me before. I know this time I have had here in Austin will help me on those long, frustrating and lonely days in Cajamarca. I now know and have met much of the crew that works endlessly here in Austin to make life changing things happen in Cajamara. Thank you for your work and support, if you are reading this, thank you! It takes many pieces, steps and big hearted folks to make things happen.

Maggie and I have also been having a ton of brainstorming sessions during my short time here. It has been so great to fill up my energy battery and know that we will use many of our lessons learned from last year and move forward this year.

Although I know the annoying culture elements that await me in Peru (stinky combi rides, limited hot showers and thousands of potato dishes), I also know that DHF has ideas and passions to support and foster the women that are awaiting us in Peru. I am ready to shake it up and make some things happen. So I will put my left and right foot in and start taking some of those steps.

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