Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Respite and Review

Cool rain pelts the roofs of Cajamarca, and my mind is running amiss. I am starting to think about the U.S. deliverables I have for next week for DiscoverHope, and my lack of Presence is causing me some mental stress.

I focus back on the fresh night and the rain as it washes the lingering exhaust down to the ground.
Tomorrow we leave early for the campo out of town up the road toward the goldmine to visit health projects in the nearby farming communities. My peanut butter sandwich is packed for the road trip so I don’t run into any meat dish I would rather not know. Upon our return, I will tie up any loose ends before my Friday morning departure to Lima. Despedidas are a big deal here, and people like to say goodbye as many times as possible…which always makes your last days in town busier than you can plan for.

Today Nora and I spent most of the day out at Laguna Seca, a beautiful hotel outside of town nestled in the farmlands and the trees. The honking of horns is absent there; the patient silence of alpacas and rising steam from thermal hot springs makes it an amazing place to think. Weeping willows and eucalyptus trees embrace the old adobe hotel that has maintained its structure for countless years. Our main purpose for the peaceful context was to review everything that had happened since we arrived in Cajamarca and to revise Nora’s 2009 goals based on the happenings. Of course, these goals will be ever-changing as the “to-do” list never maintains its structure within a day…I just wanted Nora to begin on as solid ground as possible to make the hard work here more focused. Nora is in a great place and is an amazingly patient woman, a true gift for the work that must be done here. At the end of the day, Nora was awesome and treated me to a thank you massage as a gift. I was lost in relaxation!! We both focused externally and internally and in the misty night, I give thanks for it all.

ps. check out the video clip below from the "Cafe y Pan" event, thought you'd like to see some of the beautiful women we serve.

To growth, which brings you up, down, and all around in perfect purpose. MM

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