Wednesday, February 13, 2008

With a stamp

Frustrated, lack of patience, have to laugh, want to cry, where's the fast forward button? This week I have been working non-stop to get literacy classes started, this is now more than a month after I spoke with the Min. of Education that they are willing to collaborate. I know I could go ahead and start with the teachers I've got, but with Min. of Edu. collaboration we can get materials and an official certificate for the women once they are done with classes - so I want to do this right. I went to the head-honcho on Monday because things were moving at a snail's pace. She introduced me to the same man that I had been trying to work with. She said my matter was urgent, so we got on the computer right away and starting drafting up a working contract. The man (bless his heart) that I was working with was typing like a 4th grader, so it took all afternoon to finish this contract. Imagine sitting in this hectic Education office, people crammed in wall-to-wall, people hiding behind stacks of paper, and we are working on this 1980's old computer - slow as molasses. I knew I should have brought my knitting. Well, the contract didn't get finished because I need an official stamp with my name on it in order to sign this contract.
"I don't have a stamp."
"You have to get a stamp."
"Can't I just sign it as is?"
" No it is not official that way," and on and on...
So I go and get a stamp made. Come back the next day, only to find out the guy that needs to sign the contract isn't there, but he will be there tomorrow. Can I come back? As it is now I am waiting for my copy of the contract and the names of some teachers, but some of the big stuff has been figured out. With a stamp it makes it all official.

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