Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kid Donation & Money talk

It was an exciting day yesterday. A group of kids in the U.S. gathered their "pennies for peace" and gave a generous donation for kids in Peru. The donation was used to buy school supplies for the kids of the new bank "Triunfo." School starts next month, and for many of the mothers it is overwhelming to have to buy all the school supplies for their kids. There was lots of happy faces, just not so much for the photo.

After the loan repayment part of "Triunfo" meeting, upon the women's request, I prepared a money management discussion. We talked about the importance of separating personal and business money. We also talked about the importance of investing their loan money into their business. The women made comments that often times they are asked to borrow out their money, and it is hard for them to separate personal from business money. It lead into a great discussion, and I think left some food for thought about how they will manage their money in the future. Here I am using examples of how different women use their loan money.

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