Monday, May 20, 2013

Introducing the 2013 Meadow's Fellows

Hello DHF Family,

Mila, Sarela (HopeHouse Assitant), Alexandra & Tania
We’ve been extremely busy here in Cajamarca and I’m glad to say we survived Mother’s Day.  Here in Peru, Mother’s Day is one of the most important and celebrated holidays. Most Peruvians travel home to be at their mother’s side and in most schools, plays and musicals are organized in honor of mom’s hard work and dedication. This year most schools and state institutions were given a 4 day weekend!  On May 2nd, DHF and Multicredit organized our 3rd Annual Mother’s Day Event in which more than 200 loan recipients were in attendance. Moms danced, played, and laughed forgetting for a moment the endless list of chores that typically consume their day. We raffled food baskets, high quality yarn, amongst other goodies. We also organized once again our Bi-Annual Uniform Contest in which village banks crocheted outfits demonstrating their skills, creativity, and sense of style.  This year Village Bank “Fuerza y Bendición” (Strength and Blessings) took home first place for an elegant white blouse and skirt ensemble. Seeing the countless smiles made me reflect on how inspiring our beneficiaries are to me. Besides taking on the task of starting a business, most raise 2 or more children and even extended family.
In other news, I am proud to announce the arrival of three Meadow’s Fellows from the University of Texas at Austin.  Alexandra, Mila, and Tania are graduate students hailing from the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the McCombs School of Business who have come together to help DHF design two promotional videos of our work here in Cajamarca and help us revamp our social media sites to keep donors tuned into our important  project updates. It was a full-circle moment when the fellows arrived a week ago. Back in 2009, then a first year LBJ student, I was selected as a Meadow’s Fellows to help DHF conduct an internal audit of the village banking project. Thanks to the fellowship, it landed me my job here in Cajamarca and the rest is history. This week the girls will be writing blog entries about their time here in Peru and provide more insight into our important labor of love with the women of Cajamarca. So please stay tuned!



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