Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello DHF Family,
It’s been almost a week since Maggie, John, and Hector left Cajamarca and not a minute passes when one of our loan recipients taps me on the shoulder and asks, “When is the team coming back?” Here in the HopeHouse our entire staff feels re-energized and ready to bring on the New Year.
I’m so grateful to the “CREW” (as I call them) for taking the time out of their busy schedules and traveling over 4,000 miles to visit the village banking project. My personal philosophy has always been that there are no coincidences in life but rather a Divine Order to our lives and the choices we make. After working here for more than two years, I truly believe that the fabric that ties all of us together-our local staff, the Board, DHF donors, volunteers, and blog readers- is this project and the countless people we serve.
I also believe we all understand the importance of providing impoverished women with microloans, education, and access to opportunities that enable these same women to become self-reliant and abundant; but when you see it firsthand, something magical happens. Little girls sitting side-by-side with their mothers witnessing a repayment meeting. A village bank member holding her new loan money in hand contemplating her next purchase for her business. A student proudly displaying a new sweater she crocheted in community classes for her daughter when five months ago she didn’t even know how to use a crochet needle. A woman with her children crying tears of joy and appreciation for being given the opportunity to dream and create a vision for herself and her family.
It was truly a pleasure and an honor to bear witness to the hundreds of “light bulb” moments John, Maggie, and Hector experienced while in Cajamarca. Seeing their special moments gave way to my own and provided me with a sense of  validation that yes, indeed all the hard work, the countless office hours, the dozens of guinea pigs and potatoes eaten, the hundreds of miles walked, and the thousands of personal conversations has been worth it.
I’m looking forward to meeting firsthand the countless DHF donors and supporters on October 25th that make this project a reality.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend and know how truly grateful we all are to have you in our lives. You are truly appreciated!

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