Friday, October 5, 2012



These are the reminders and gifts given to me on this journey.  This is a pocket of time in my Heart I will never forget.

I am deeply energized about our work and the power of local women leading their charge.  Watching village banks function with joy and integrity, it is obvious to me this notion of “DiscoverHope” has a life of its own.  I guess it’s as close as I know to watching my child grow.  Seeing the women in their groups with their wings of strength…well this makes every second of every year worth it.

I hope you all get to join us on Oct 25 at our gala for several reasons.  Desiree, our Country Director here in Peru, will be with us.  She is a living, breathing example of courage and positive power.  Her everyday is spent giving women opportunity.  To be with her alone and hear her is a gift.

Bringing John and Hector to this special place has been the best possible thing for me personally and the movement of our project.  They are both incredible thinkers and empathetic Hearts.  Knowing that they are part of the fabric of moving our work to a level where it can sustain itself here in this community…well this is a contribution to the lives of families that will never be the same. 

This journey I’ve gotten to see them witnessing the valor of women.  To watch them watching and participating in this work and to see us all changing before our very eyes is just something I can never ever forget.

My commitment to giving women doors of opportunity through microcredit and education is as formidable as ever.

And the greatest teachers of everyday have been the community of love and Presence the women give to one another and us.  This is a level of loving I hope to achieve in my lifetime.

Blessings from the Heart,

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