Monday, August 8, 2011

Crochet Circles In Review

Hello DHF Family,
It’s Des signing back in! I’d like to start the month of August off right with none other than crocheting! This past July we had some amazing experiences with our crochet classes, which have not only provided our women with extra income, but have helped unite our village banks even more. If you remember in February of this year, I noticed that our women living in rural communities had an extremely difficult time attending our Hope House classes in Cajamarca. The rise in bus fair and the commuting time can make, what should be an easy trip to the Hope House, extremely challenging. After asking the women about the kinds of classes they'd like to participate in, it was unanimous. HELLO CROCHET CIRCLES HERE WE COME!
We currently have 10 active crochet circles in which women select a design for the month. The Hope House contracts an instructor for three to four classes and women pay half the cost of their yarn. In the end, the women have a product that can either be sold or gifted with the end result either being a profit or savings. What started out as an attempt to help bring Hope House to more women is now a well organized program generating additional income that allows our women to help pay back their loans and reivest in their businesses, homes, and families. Many of our participants now have special orders. Others are either focusing their businesses on crocheting or reconsidering changing their current business. During the month of June, our crochet circles reported a total of $312.84 in additional income. I’m still crunching the numbers for July but they are sure to exceed $350.  I’d like to end this entry with a few additional numbers that will give you a better perspective:
·         Since February 2011 we have organized a total of 131 classes.
·         A total of $1,538.94 in additional income was reported.
·         A total of $667.74 in additional savings was reported.
·         More than 98 women have benefited from these classes.
So in conclusion, thanks to your financial contributions our women are living more abundant lives!

Recently formed crochet circle "Las Hortensias" celebrating the end of their first module in which they made beautiful blouses.

Crochet Circle "Las Rositas" completing their first month of classes.

Emerita and Marta from Crochet Circle "Las Margaritas" hard at work finishing the final touches on the baby sweaters.


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