Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And the Winner Is …..

Monday afternoon our entire Hope House staff and village bank members had their eyes glued to the TV screen to see who would be named best crocheter in Cajamarca by the hit daytime show “Lima Limon”. Two of our Hope House Instructors, Alicia Linares and her daughter, Rosario Yupanqui, were the front runners. Rosario presented three beautiful outfits with bright pinks, blues, and oranges— just like her personality. Her designs were one of a kind and I was convinced she would take home the crown. But when Alicia graced the stage, she surprised everyone with an elegant wedding dress that included gloves and a hat. After more than forty minutes of anticipation, the panel of judges finally made a decision. AND THE WINNER WAS…ALICIA LINARES! Along with the title, Alicia won S/. 5,000 (approximately $1,800) and will now advance to the finals where she will compete with women from Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, and other well-known cities. I’m so proud of both of our teachers and grateful that our women are able to learn a trade that provides so much abundance in their lives. Did I mentioned that both sent warm greetings to the Hope House and our women? I wasn’t able to record the programn but I took a picture of the TV screen just before they announced the winner. Rosario is located on the left and Alicia on the right.

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