Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the Topic of Cheese

You may not be aware that in Peru, the 2011 Presidential Campaign is in full swing. So in true Peruvian style, during my lunch break I decided to buy some cheese for my late day snack. While in the store deciding between Mozzarella and Swiss, I heard this loud rumbling noise in the street. Sure enough there was a mob of people running behind a pick-up truck. I said to myself, “What's going on here? This is odd.” Before I could finish my thought, the pick-up truck rushed right past me carrying no other than former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo. I was star struck and found myself running with the crowd. I managed to take this picture with all the noise and mad chaos around me. Mr. Toledo is currently running for his second presidential term and is one of the front runners. This is the closest I’ve ever been to a famous Peruvian and I have to admit, now I understand why people get so excited and a tad bit belligerent.

On the topic of cheese, we finished yesterday with a beautiful culinary class…Pizza. Need I say more? Our women learned how to prepare a basic pizza from start to finish. They prepared the dough, cooked a homemade tomato sauce, and selected the toppings of their choice. For most of our women, it was the first time that they ever tasted such a dish. The light bulb moment came when their kids sampled the pizza. They ate every piece…veggies included. The women commented that pizza would be an economical and convenient option to prepare at home for their little ones. Thanks to the amazing support for our educational classes we have been able to provide such great opportunities for our women. Next month we’re programming even more excited culinary classes: cakes, tamales, fruit juices, and more.

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