Friday, February 26, 2010

Hope House Set-Up

So last week I was visiting new village bank groups in the process of forming and this week I have done none of that. Most of DHF Hope House things were moved in at the end of the week and this week has been set-up time, which unfortunately isn't as interesting to write about as new village banks. This year Hope House is located in a shared space, a beautiful educational and health complex that is run by a small group of nuns. We are really so fortunate to have so many resources at our fingertips; computer room, sewing machine room, and an oven, just to name a few. I am in the process of creating our first monthly class schedule for March and all of our returning teachers have been impressed with the new space. Classes start March 8, so around that date there will be more stories and photos of what Hope House looks like with an active group of women learning new skills. As for now, it is a tidy space that is just waiting to be used.

Paz ~ Nora

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