Friday, September 11, 2009

Piggies and Bunnies

I went from one set of animals to another yesterday. I accompanied Tula to another health session with a different village bank. One of the women, Melchora, in this bank couldn't attend the health session in her own living room because she was monitoring the birth of 8 little piggies. I hear all kinds of excuses from women about why they can't come to meetings, classes, etc.., but this was the first time for me that little pigs were the excuse. Melchora was sitting guard to make sure the big pig didn't kill her new borns by squishing them as they fought for milk. It is a very amazing and cool thing to see little pigs on the same day they are born. They have skin like rats, but are so much cuter. They tremble and jump. They are clean! and so precious.

After witnessing the piggies do there thing I quickly made my way back to the office to monitor a 'Soft' course. What is Soft? Fluffy material (there may be a more formal name that I don't know of) that is used to decorate dolls, animals, etc... This afternoon 8 women were making bunnies out of Soft and decorating used plastic containers. The women loved it. It is a great way to reuse plastic containers that often find their way into the trash, or worst yet the river. A number of women told me they were going to use their new bunny to store their sewing material and try and make more bunnies so that they wouldn't forget how. Imagine a whole family of bunnies in the house! Augh.

It was an animal filled day. At least I could go home to the peace and quiet of no animals; no more alpacas on my front lawn, or mice in my bedroom and even Sexy, our spazzy barking dog, has calmed down.
Paz (in your own animal encounters) ~ Nora

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