Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cake Bake Break

This wasn't our first cake bakery course, but it was our first bakery course in the Hope House kitchen. I found a new bakery teacher that was willing to bring all her bakery goods, including an oven, to the Hope House. We used 2 electric plug-in ovens that proved not to be the best option (but the only option at the moment). On Monday we made the cake mix and did the baking. However the electricity went out just as our cakes were finishing their baking. Even before the electricity went out one of the plug-in ovens broke.
So we had two semi-cooked cakes on Tuesday when we finished our bakery course. One of the cakes fell in the middle and the other one was lacking some "fluff." We decorated anyway. Blanca, our new bakery teacher, was excellent at giving step by step instructions and actually giving the students the bakery tools so that they could practice and get the feel of the different decorating techniques. Although we had some baking issues the women were satisfied customers at the end of class as they each got to taste the 2 cakes. Delicious! Perfect! And furthermore the comment that I enjoyed the most: "This class was like baking at home, better than when we went to the restaurant for (bakery) class, here it is like we are family and we are cooking together."

Despite the oven break, missing bakery tools and electricity shortage - it is better to bake in the Hope House compared to other kitchens. There you have it folks!

Paz ~ Nora

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