Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This month of May is going to be a true test of ownership. I am going on vacation for two weeks and leaving the women in our leadership workshop in charge of classes/activities in the HopeHouse. We had our leadership gathering yesterday and 9 very responsible and active women each signed up for a class day where they will be the "Class Assistant" and take care of materials, set-up and class evaluation. They have seen me do it a ton of times so I am not worried. In fact I am excited to see what happens when I return the first week in June. I will have evaluations from 8 classes, already done!

When I think about moving towards sustainability I think about giving more roles and responsibilities to the women. DiscoverHope Fund exists to create opportunities for women, but they have to be active participants for that to happen. I think this is a natural baby step for them to take to move in that direction.

While they are stepping up to the plate I will be re-charging my batteries at home in Minnesota! Until next time....
Paz ~ Nora

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