Friday, May 8, 2009

Building Your Field of Dreams

While Nora holds a solid platform for DHF to accomplish our work in the field, the amazing teams that guide DiscoverHope here in the US keep holding a vision for us to become ever more positive, effective, transformative, and loving.

This reminds me of an amazing book I’ve been reading by Mary Manin Morrissey called “Building Your Field of Dreams.” In the first pages she talks about “igniting your desire and deciding on the Dream.” While I was reading these pages on my “thinking chair” in my office, I looked over at my white board where I often write myself reminder messages…especially when I doubt myself and ego creeps its way in and wonders what in the world I am doing! One day I felt compelled to write the words “IGNITE HOPE.” I have always felt on the largest platform of my life, this is what I want to do. One of the dreams in my life is to be a participant in DiscoverHope’s evolution as an organization, and to collectively create a space that accomplishes igniting Hope in people.

Chelsea McCollough, our marketing and messaging star and Board member recently wrote a statement to describe the position we want to take as an organization:
DHF is honoring potential in people that awakens hope around the world.

Chelsea asked me to revise her statement as I felt necessary, and as I stared at it in my kitchen, there was nothing for me to change. I do feel inherently that this is the Dream of DHF. This Dream enlivens us, it aligns with our core values, it requires us to grow more into our true selves everyday, and it ultimately does good things for others.

Last night we were up working late with DiscoverHope family member Brian Massey, “the Conversion Scientist”,
who essentially works on web marketing strategies and drawing people to your message by understanding who they are, why they are coming to your space, and providing clear calls to action. The reason I mention this is because the discussion of the DHF dream became very relevant in our amazing conversation. What became even clearer was that the honoring potential in people is important to us on EVERY level. Of course we want it for the women beneficiaries of our program work. But we want it for every single person who comes our way: we want volunteers to be lit up about what they are doing, we want donors to know they are stakeholders in this story of transformation, we want people connected to us to feel inspired to have their own Dream grow, just by being connected.

As we spend the next several months redoing our marketing and communications, including pro-bono logo development with generous business
Thinkstreet here in Austin, we hold our Dream of honoring potential at highest ground, knowing that every one of you deserves this.

Honoring you and your Dream, MM

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