Friday, January 4, 2008

Sol in Action

This week I have been especially impressed with one of my co-workers, Soledad - or Sol as we call her. She has been working with village banks for the past couple of years, recruiting new banks, visiting existing ones. She is tough, lays down the rules in a sincere but realistic way, and on top of that the women come to her and trust her. But when she started working with the groups, they didn't trust her at first and "walked all over her." It took some time, just like it will take a little time for me to find my place with the banks. Now, they tell her all their sufferings and hardships. She listens. She supports. When she tells women not to drink soda because it is poison - they listen. Her purpose is so much more than giving and collecting money; she is a role model and social support for every women she visits. Here-in lies the power of microcredit. Here she is pictured (far right) with an existing bank here, collecting their monthly dues and talking about life, yarn, and ladrones (robbers).

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