Saturday, January 19, 2008

Literacy Search

This week was spent responding the desires of the women from the Intro. meeting we held the week before. There was a huge response from some of the women to learn how to read and write. Together with my co-worker we visited the Ministry of Education (sound like a scene from Harry Potter, and it was a bit chaotic, so it could have been - minus people on broomsticks). We were able to talk to someone who works in Adult Education, but he couldn't tell us how feasible it would be to recruit some teachers to start classes immediately. We need to go to a supervisor meeting next week. In the meantime my project is to find out truly how many women have the time and interest in committing to 3 days a week literacy classes. Back at the office I tried making phone call after phone call, only to find out that many of the women don't have their own phone number. Their son, husband, or neighbor has a phone, and when I got of hold of them, they weren't especially excited to pass the phone onto the women I was looking for. I am finding out the best way to communicate with people is to "pasa la voz." This means tell someone that knows someone that can tell the person you want to talk to your message. It worked, because on friday afternoon one of the women called me back, and told me she would "pasa la voz" to others about the classes.

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