Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spirit of Partnership...

We’ve had an amazing start to our journey in Cajamarca.  The women of the DiscoverHope village banks have greeted us with unbelievable openness and generosity.  As we settle into our journey this week, we have much to do in addition to visiting the women of the village banks and taking in local sights.

One of the objectives of our visit is to continue to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program in Cajamarca.  Sustainability is a critical component of our Loan – Learn – Lead - Legacy model. By transitioning the local administration of training and loans to local partners, we create a Legacy of the MicrocreditPLUS infrastructure in Cajamarca.  As our clients complete each loan cycle, they build their credit history.  Once they have reached their 9th loan cycle, they will “graduate” to more traditional banking service organizations with a history of consistent savings. We’re currently in our 6th loan cycle with 5 of our banks, so our first banks are only a few years from graduating!

During our visit, we are meeting with our local partner, Multicredit, to monitor the progression of our clients in their loan and savings path.  We are working with Multicredit to continue to assume additional ownership for the program as it grows.  

Enclosed is a team picture at our kick-off dinner with our Mutlicredit partners.  We’re also meeting with our village bank officers (promotoras) and Desiree, our Field Manager, and other key staff contributors to make sure they continue on the path of advancement. These are important tenants of the Lead and Legacy pillars of our model. 

We appreciate your continued support as we help create a sustainable Microcredit PLUS infrastructure in Northern Peru!

John, Hector, and Maggie

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