Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrating the Red and White

Hello DHF Family,

Yanet is located in the center with the pale blue sweater.

Here in Cajamarca everyone seems to be counting down to Fiestas Patrias or Peruvian Independence Days. Yes, you read correctly—DAYS. Peru celebrates both the 28th and 29th allowing Peruvians to plan much needed vacations and spend quality time with friends and family. In every small town and big city municipalities organize parades, arrange fireworks displays, and adorn the streets with Peruvian Flags.
 In honor of Fiestas Patrias, I would like to celebrate the spirit of solidarity, dedication, and resolve by sharing a quick story about Village Bank “United Women” (aptly titled). Two weeks ago the bank’s youngest member, 18 year-old Yanet, suffered a horrible tragedy. In the early morning hours of the 6th, Yanet’s three month-old baby girl, Sayuri, was severely burned in a house fire. Due to the severity of the burns, Baby Sayuri faded into a deep coma and passed away on July 13th.

Village Bank Promotora Bertha frying picarones.
Yanet was devastated. Her village bank knew she would be unable to pay her loan and cover burial expenses at the same time. So in the spirit of hope and solidarity, they rallied together and decided to organize a series of fundraisers in Sayuri’s name. This past Tuesday, in collaboration with the entire Village Banking Staff, we held our first “picaronada” in the famous Plazuela San Pedro, located a mere block from the HopeHouse. Picarones are delicious fried doughnuts made from flour, sweet potatoes, yeast, and lots of sugar. Once fried, a sweet syrup made from sugar cane juice and cinnamon is drizzled on top. From 2:00Pm until 10:00PM we sold more than 300 portions of picarones and raised over S/. 300, enough to cover her loan payment for July. The group is planning a second fundraiser after the holidays. That night we all left motivated, relieved, and in high spirits. As we draw near the end of the month, keep Yanet and the entire Village Bank “United Women” in your thoughts and prayers

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