Thursday, March 22, 2012

HopeHouse Classes Back in Session

Hello DHF Family,

Delia Torres teaching jewelry class.

I’m excited to announce that the Hope House is officially open! Classes are in session! With great anticipation and careful planning I’ve been hard at work locating new teachers, new ideas, and new classes for our village banks. My hope is that our classes provide our women with new ways to expand their businesses and their bank accounts. Last week our newest addition to the project, Delia Torres, taught a class full of women three beautiful new earring designs and a fabulous bracelet. As we speak 15 loan recipients are learning how to make lemon pie with new Instructor Mari Marruffo…it smells so delicious! In addition to our traditional classes (Jewelry, Crafts, Culinary, and Crochet), I’ll be including Basic Computer Classes, Sewing, and Embroidery to our class listings in April.

Charo closing a deal with a customer.

In other news this past weekend Hope House Instructors and loan recipients, Charo Yupanqui and Alicia Linares participated in an artisan fair organized by the Instituto Nacional de Cultural (National Institute of Culture) in celebration of Artisan Day. You may remember that the mom/daughter duo participated in a national reality show in the search for the best crocheters in Peru. It was an exciting event and both Charo and Alicia sold more than $200 in crochet products. It was the first time that both began to view their work through the lens of an artisan. Thanks to the INC we’ll be participating in at least 3 more artisan fairs throughout the year!

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