Saturday, February 4, 2012

Year in Review: Celebrating 2011

Hello DHF Family,

VB "Friends Forever" displays Best Dish entry
I wanted to start the year off right with some great news about out village banking project. On January 27, 2012 DiscoverHope celebrated our 2nd Annual Village Bank Conference in Otuzco, Cajamarca. Once a year we bring together our local staff and village banks to celebrate their major accomplishments and recognize our project milestones. In attendance were 20 village banks, 185 loan recipients, and 50 family members.
To keep the event fun and lively, we organized a Best Uniform, Best Yell, and Best Peruvian Dish Competition. We also recognized our literacy and computer students with certificates of achievement. The prize for “Top Bank of 2011” went to “Progressing Women,” whose picture was placed on the 2012 Project Calendar.  Bank President Isabel De La Cruz stated, “We are proud to be this year’s Top Bank. As one of the original members I feel so blessed that our bank is a place where we can grow personally and improve our businesses. Thank you DiscoverHope.”
In 2011, DiscoverHope in collaboration with our local partners and staff at Multicredit, provided 204 WOMEN with 392 LOANS and 781 TRAININGS while maintaining our signature 100% PAYBACK RATE.  Thanks to your overwhelming support and contributions we exceeded our goals and our expectations! I’m definitely looking forward to another prosperous year helping women achieve their goals and paying it forward. This year we'll provide a variety of blog entries profiling our women and highlighting our work both in Peru and in Texas. Please stay tuned with more to come!
Juliana Rumay receiving certificate from Instructor Lily Perez.

VB Progressing Women receiving "Top Bank 2011 Award"


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