Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week in Review: Butterflies, Tiaras, and Blouses

Hello DHF Family,
It’s Desireé signing back in. This week it’s been business as usual here in the Hope House. Due to high demand and constant requests by our jewelry students to build butterfly earring holders, we finally obtained the materials (thanks to Carmen Pajares who traveled to Lima two weeks ago) and made it happen. With 26 participants, the women we’re all about business. Each uniquely painted and designed their butterfly to reflect their sense of style. And I must say, there was paint everywhere but with a little soap and water, our classroom looked just as lovely as before. Now our jewelry students have beautiful displays that they can use when either selling jewelry or organizing new models that design in the Hope House.
In other news, yesterday’s theme was tiaras. Here in Peru, for birthdays, first communions, quinceañeras, weddings, and other special occasions, women often like to wear fancy up-dos with glitter, flowers, and the works. In 30 minutes our students learned how to make a simple and economical flower tiara that can be sold at S/.30 (approximately $7.00). Instead of renting a tiara, now our women can either make one or gift one to a family member or neighbor in need.

Lastly, today we started a three class module for the month of June in which crochet students will learn how to design a fashion-forward blouse with flowers. We had visitors from our newest bank “Las Hortensias.” They were excited to finally visit the Hope House and meet our crochet instructor, Charo Yupanqui. The students take their classes very seriously and already have offers to buy the blouses they are just now starting to make. I’ll keep you posted once they fiso you can see the final results in two weeks.


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